Size Guide

Tips in choosing your size
If you are between two sizes, go for the larger size if you intend to use the swimwear more for exercise or fashion and go for smaller size if you intend to compete in it. Swimwear material is stretched therefore it wouldn’t be too tight or too lose to wear eventhough it is slightly smaller or bigger in size.

Tips in buying swimwear
To feel comfortable and confident in your swimwear, choose one that suits your body type and activity need. For instance: wear board shorts and rashi top for surfing, strapless bikini for sun bathing and one piece swimwear for swimming competition. Bikini and tankini are the most popular swimwear for women to wear either on the beach or swimming pool. Other considerations such as price and quality will soon follow for, after all, the swimwear is not only an appropriate attire for water related activities but is more importantly the reflection of the person's character and personality. In modern world, swimwear has moved well beyond its pure functionality which is a sportswear to aid people in doing exercise or performing their hobbies, to become more of a fashion statement. With the expand of swimwear function, so does the development of swimwear material and design of swimwear products.

For men, it might be easier to shop for swimwear as they usually wear swim trunks, board shorts or surf wear to do water sports. However for women, it might be trickier as there are a lot of different styles of swimwear to choose from and each one of them can give them different look depending on their body types. Therefore it is important to know your body shape before choosing the right swimwear for you. We want you to feel good in wearing swimwear so we outline different type of women bodies and also tips in creating the best look out of your body.

Different type of women bodies
Pear- shaped body
Characteristic: Big hips with narrow shoulders
Suggested products: Don’t be afraid to show more of your hips and legs. Although bikini with boyish pants give you extra coverage and flexibility but bikini bottom with tie side pants can often give you a more streamlined shape and take the focus away from the hip area. Darker coloured pants with brighter top could also work to create a flattering figure. Padilla also has a terrific range of matching skirts, wraps and shirts so that you look fabulous and feel confident walking around the beach as well!

Athletic figure
Characteristic: Narrow hips and small bust
Suggested products: Tankini or bikini with boyish or banded pants is surprisingly flattering for narrow hips, as the extra fabric and styling will give your hips more width while complementing your build. Swimwear that cuts straight across the body should be avoided. Choose swimwear that has diagonal lines or bright and cheerful patterns. They can be effective in giving the illusion of curves. Ruffled tops can definitely enhance your body figure. Swimwear materials with pattern or vibrant colors can also help in creating a curvaceous look.

Top heavy figure
Characteristic: Broad shoulders and heavy bust with narrow hips
Suggested products: Strong patterns and twisted halter tops blend extra coverage naturally into styling. Try to avoid string type bikini. Bikini top that ties at the back and neck are essential to ensure precise fit. Bust support is the primary consideration in this instance. Wearing a top that is slightly dark in color can help project a narrower shoulder.

Curvy or plus size person
Characteristic: Wide shoulders, large bust and large waists
Suggested products: Go for one piece swimwear or tankini to emphasise body length. The idea in a plus size person is that one should always go for the darker color swimwear because of its thinning effect. Padilla has a great range of swimwear with skirts that can help you to cover the tummy, hips and bottom area. We also has separate skirts and cover ups for you to wear while walking around the beach.

Hour glass figure
Characteristic: Shoulders and hips are about the same size
Suggested products: Simply there is no issue as long as it fits right and able to support the bust and comfortable around the waists. The waistline is the most important asset to be flaunted in this instance.

Petite figure
Characteristic: Tiny body with small bust and slim
A halter bikini with removable padding could be the best choice to emphasise your shape. Bikini with short pants can also be particularly flattering. Try swimwear with strong patterns or detail and contrasting colours to give an illustration of extra weight.

Tips is creating the best look out of your body
Everyone would like to look at their best when it comes to wearing swimwear. To give you comfort and confident in wearing swimwear, we also have the following tips to help you create the most flattering look out of your body. The question to ask is… What part of the body that you would like to focus on?

Emphasise your overall curves
Discover curves with swimwear that will highlight your body in all the right places. If you want to create more of an hourglass silhouette, then try the interesting look of a one piece swimwear which emphasizes curves and creates a feminine line. Keep your body balanced with fun and sexy details on both your top and bottom.

Minimise your overall curves
Feel beautiful with stylish swimwear cuts that compliment your curves. Get coverage and comfort with boyish bottoms and sports tops. Choose a part you would like to emphasize and focus on such as: bust, hips or legs. Look for swimwear with full coverage such as: tankini, thicker straps, princess seaming, V-neck lines or swimwear with cover up skirts.

Emphasize top curves
Find swimwear that has removable padding, details on top, ruffles on top or brighter colour top with darker colour bottom. Naturally balance your features by tricking the eye to focus upwards to an intricate detail or attention grabbing color! Love your curves with styles that slenderize and shape, including bottoms that offer more coverage or sexy tops to draw attention away from the hips.

Emphasize bottom curves
Balance your proportions while showing off your natural curves with swimwear that is suited for your body. Have some fun by adding sexy details like ruffles and rings at the hips to draw attention to your assets. Also try bikini or tankini with brighter color bottoms and darker color tops.

Emphasize your hips
Make your hips look sexy with bikini bottoms that emphasize! Low-rise bikini bottoms that have details or tie around the sides can expose and highlight the hips. Embellishments at the waist or patterned bands with solid bottoms are also a great way to draw attention to this area.

Minimize your hips
Love your curves with styles that slenderize and shape, including skirts that offer more coverage or sexy tops to draw attention away from the hips. Wear bikini that has details on top, full coverage bottom or one piece swimwear with skirts.

Lengthen your legs
Create a long and feminine line and show off your legs in sexy styles. High-waist bikini bottoms can also lengthen the leg while offering more support through the tummy. Or try scoop front bottoms or bottoms with thinner sides to show more skin and dramatize the line of your legs.

Lengthen your torso
For a long and lean body, try torso-lengthening styles that emphasize a lower waist or add interest to the area, such as monokinis with cut-outs, bikini with thinner sides, princess seaming or embellished bottoms.

Shorten your torso
Longer torsos lend to a wonderfully lean look, so balance your long torso by wearing swim styles that seem to lengthen your legs and shorten your torso, creating ideal proportions. Look for swimwear with bottoms that sit higher on the hip, higher waistline or try bikini with halter top.

Define your waist
Find your figure and bring out the best of it with waist-defining styles. Generally, this body type has narrow hips, which can be emphasized for a more defined waistline. High-cut one piece bathing suits and embellished bottoms are the perfect way to enhance your waistline! Also look for swimwear with details on top and bottom for a good balance or same colour or pattern on top and bottom.

Minimize your waist
Add a subtler silhouette to your body for a more balanced curve. Princess seaming provides definition while smoothing the contour created by your suit. Tankini and swimwear with V-neck line could also be a good option to choose.

Lengthen your waist
Lengthening your waistline has a slenderizing effect and can make for an overall leaner looking body. Make your waist look longer and your hips look lower with cuts such as embellished and low-rise bikini bottoms. Monokini cut outs and thinner sides bikini are also a great way to lengthen and enhance this area.