Made to Order

We are able to make products with both in-house designs and buyer’s designs. Please check out our product catalogue for our in-house designs.

Our team has a vast experience and the ability to tender advice on any alternative or options for fabrics needs and suitability. Our main fabrics are cotton lycra, lycra nylon, poly micro and micro fibre. The uniqueness of our products comes down to our fashionable designs with some additional printings, air brush, embroidery, beads, and accessories.

Generally our sizes comply with the International Standards. However garments will vary according to style and fit of the fabric variations. If you have your own size grading, we can make the products according to it. Please refer to our size charts to see our standard sizes.

Worldwide shipping is available on FOB shipping.

Minimum quantity applies. Price and quantities are subject to negotiation. Please contact us to order or ask further information.